How to Fix: No Sound After Driver Update

The „Event Viewer” can be started by running the command „eventvwr” from the Start Menu. Inside „Event Viewer” you can use the left pane to navigate to „Windows Logs” and then „System”. The middle pane will display the most recent system events, and there should be an event from source „cpumcupdate” that will report if an update was attempted or successful.

  • Check if you can install your needed device driver.
  • Proceed to the next section to see how to update your drivers.
  • Follow the easy on-screen instructions to find and fix the sound issue.
  • In the Device Manager window, select the category of the Realtek hardware you would like to update.

Along with updating faulty drivers it also solves Windows issues, Privacy issues, Malware issues and much more. Windows 10 Reset This PC feature resets itself to its factory default state. You may feel bad when you read this, but it’s a lot smarter than you think. It provides users two options, namely, Keep my files and Remove everything, so users can choose whether to keep data on the disk. Note that it will remove all the installed apps while keeping only the preinstalled. The rstrui.exe ONLY restores system files, drivers, or problems caused by software or Windows update, so you cannot use it to factory reset Windows 10 to default settings.

How to Fix Network Adapter Missing by Resetting Winsock Settings in the Command Line

Even high-end systems struggle to achieve a solid 60 FPS at 4K resolution with maxed-out quality settings. However, patches and updated drivers allow the game to use more than one graphics card while adding performance boosts to the Vulkan graphics system. Your graphics card (GPU, or “graphics processing unit”) is one of the core components of your desktop PC or laptop. And your graphics driver is essential for getting top performance from your GPU.

Play truncated notes – On transport relocation play notes truncated by the new playback location. Multithreaded mixer processing – Spreads effect & mixer load over CPU multiple cores. See Multicore CPU Processing for information on optimizing multi-core performance. Multithreaded generator processing – Spreads generator load over multiple CPU cores. Use Polling – Polling is a technique for managing Primary Sound Driver’s audio buffer, which usually allows much smaller buffer withoutunderruns.

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How to upgrade your graphics drivers in Windows

If you’re trying to use your Windows computer and find that it’s stuck in an infinite reboot loop, it can be frustrating to deal with especially if you don’t know the cause. Select the driver you want to restore and then click Restore. Now, if you ever need to restore a driver, simply click Restore Drivers on the left side of DriverFinder.

Types of Sound drivers:

First, you have to ensure that you possess administrators’ privileges. To do so, you have to login as an administrator when you first open the Windows 10 PC. After that, you can open the Device Manager by going to the Start menu then typing in “Device Manager”. Lastly, click on the first option that will this site show up.

Choose the one that you find more convenient to easily reinstall the audio driver in Windows 11. Unplug and reconnect the output devices to check if it fixes the issue and if it receives power. If there’s a mute button on the device, make sure it is disabled. And lastly, verify if the volume control on the audio output device is not set to a minimum. Realtek HD Audio Driver is the most user-friendly audio driver software that enhances the sound quality and provides Dolby or Surround sound support via a sound card.

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